Hand Trampling

Girls trampling on hands

Lovely brunette haired Mistress Katja and her boyfriend, takes this loser guy to the garden by the pool and ties him up. Mistress Katja's boyfriend sits back and watches her trample all over this tied up guy, leaving him crying begging her to please stop! But this naughty Mistress isn't done teaching this loser a lesson! She even goes as far as to sit on his face with her nice round ass!

Lovely, sexy, blonde Mistress Angel takes full control using her new black high heels to trample and crush this willing slaves fingers, until you can hear them pop and crack under pressure! This slave gets owned and humiliated by this sexy babe and her very dominating ways! She leaves him begging for more! I bet his knuckles and fingers were sore after she got through trampling all over them! but I bet he enjoyed every minute of it!

Hot, Sexy, Princess Barbie shows off her sexy legs and sexy feet in her brand new green high heels! This slave Richie is ripe for the crushing! She needs someone to test out these shoes on and he wants to be the one! First she makes Slave Richie kiss her feet, then she makes him lick her feet, then she gets down to business stepping and trampling all over him!

This blonde sexy, hot, tempting Mistress Kitty shoves her black, and brown high heeled steel boots down this slaves gaping throat hole! She makes him gag, gurgle, choke and moan on her boots until he slobbers and begs for her to stop! Of course we all know he is enjoying every minute of this sweet humiliation from the hands of steamy Mistress Kitty and her high heeled steel boots!

Lean and mean this mistress has on some bad ass black high heels that she uses to brutally trample all over her loser slave's hands. He is on all fours like a disobedient little puppy that just got caught pissing on the carpet. Her trampling hurts with each stomp. This sado girl also makes him lick up and down those sexy black high heels until they are covered with his saliva.

With tight blue jeans, tank top with her perky tits pushing out and sandal heels Katja has a good ass time trampling on her slave's hands. He has no choice but take it since she did strap him with handcuffs to the steps leading into her back yard pool. She sits right on his face after his screams were so loud she was afraid the neighbors would hear.

Cold Angel earns her name by what she is known for doing to her poor slaves. This newest victim is laying on the floor watching as Angel's heel is on his hand. The pointy heels digs deep in his skin. She keeps trampling even after his screams. His hands will be hurting seriously in the morning.

Katja has on the sexiest heels. Her feel are covered in a grey colored heel with yellow accents but that's not what makes this hot. She has her loser slave lying on his stomach on her floor. while she is smoking her cigarette she has him with his palms out stomping all over them with her pointy heels making red indents in them. She then uses them as an ashtray once her cigarette is done.

Never mess with Katja. If you do get ready for the wrath of her anger. Right in the middle of a highway she has got someone who owes her money on his knees. The watch that she took from him is dropped from her sexy hands and before he could get it she stomps on the watch shattering it to little pieces. She laughs at his whimpers.

Katja loves to be dominating when it comes to her men and slaves. Her long locks fall over her shoulders like a waterfall; she has on a babydoll dress and lovely, mean high heels. Her slave is lying on her wooden floor with his hands out. She buries her heels into his hands as she is hand trampling. She also uses his open hands as an ashtray for her burning cigarette.

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