Hand Trampling

Girls trampling on hands

Sexy blonde Mistress Camille is immediately cruel during her first trampling session. She takes her slave out to the woods so she can trample him into the ground. She dominates him with brutal facestanding and humiliating hand trampling. She stands on him with her full weight and gives him a brutal full body trampling and jumps up and down on him hard with her full weight crashing down on his body repeatedly.

Miss Katarina shows extreme brutality as she gives her slave a full body trampling in her boots. She walks all over him like a human carpet and stands on his face. As if the facestanding wasn't enough, she starts jumping up and down on his stomach and gives him some painful ballbusting with her boots. She crushes his nuts under her full weight and stomps his body hard and repeatedly.

Sexy Mistress Catarina puts on a smoking hot dress and high heels so she can brutally trample her slave in the woods. He lies down on the ground while she gives him a full body trampling in her high heels. She walks all over him crushing him under her full weight and digs the high heels into his flesh up and down his body. She also tramples his hands and face.

Miss Arella gives her slave a savage full body trample in her boots. She walks all over his body with her full weight and even starts standing on his nuts and crushing them under her sexy boots. She steps down and brutalizes him with extreme ballbusting then humiliates him with painful facestanding. She gives him a painful full body trampling like he was a human carpet and ravages his cock.

Mistress Lea and Mistress Kitty meet with a fan to dominate him outdoors. They make him lie on the ground while they smoke and trample him. They smack him around and humiliate him by forcing him into shoelicking and foot worship. He is happy to be close to these gorgeous maidens so he takes their punishment without question. He loves all the pain as long as he can be close to them.

This fat, bald, loser slave lies in the floor with his shirt off. Miss Marie walks in with a hot dress on and big wedge shoes. She steps up on him like he was a human carpet and starts giving him a brutal full body trampling. She walks all over him with her full weight and digs the heavy wedge shoes into his flesh all over his entire body. This humiliation amuses her.

Some loser slave lies under this carpet so clueless women can repeatedly crush his hands by trampling them under their shoes. Several clueless women walk all over the carpet that is lumpy because the slave is lying under it. They just ignore him and walk all over the carpet and crush his hands repeatedly under her full weight. This type of humiliation keeps these dominating girls coming back for more.

These 2 hot mistresses show this slave who is boss by humiliating him and putting him through intense pain. He lies on the floor as they put a chair on top of him and humiliate him by kicking and trampling him hard. They stand on his body like it was a human carpet and walk all over him with their full weight.They love double-teaming their slave with pain and humiliation.

Mistress Camille wears some old sneakers outdoors so she can take her slave out in the middle of the woods and trample him. She tramples him for a while to make him feel pain then forces him to worship her feet and sniff her shoes and socks. He just lies there on the ground as she crushes him with trampling under her full weight and makes him worship her pretty feet.

Lady Light is not light when it comes to dominating her slaves. As a matter of fact, she is quite brutal. She makes her slave lie on the floor with his arms outstretched. She starts hand trampling him with her sneakers on and walks all over his arms. She loves the feeling of her slave's hands being crushed under the full weight of her tennis shoes and she walks all over his arm.

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