Hand Trampling

Girls trampling on hands

The sexy Lady Prinzzes steps on slave with her knee high white leather boots. She crushes the slaves cock and balls with the sharp edge of her heels before trampling all over his face with her sexy white boots. The slave must lick the bottoms of her boots to ensure that they are clean for Prinzzes. He gets his manhood crushed by the sharp edges of her boots as she tramples.

This slave didn't know what he was in for when he asked if he could work out with the sexy Katja. Katja uses the stepper machine to crush the slaves chest as he must use his hands to help her work the pedals. His hands get trampled badly under the pressue of the machine as Mistress Katja does her workout on top of him oblivious to his harsh pain.

When a slave is caught by Mistress Xenia touching his dick, she has to punish him. She knows that he loves touching himself so she is going to make it harder for him to enjoy doing it. She lays him on the floor and puts on her new red high heels. She grinds her heel into his hand, squishing and bearing down. She stands on his hands and puts all her weight down.

Skinny girls like to get their hands crushed. Alex, Teodora and Maria find a skinny girl that loves to misbehave. They know that the only reason she acts up is because she wants their attention. So they give it to her. They make her put her hands on the bar and take turns walking all over her hands. She groans and writhes in pain. She can't help but be turned on by the pain and the sexy mistresses that are stepping on her.

These female students love to band together and show their teacher how they feel. They learn that he will fold in the face of a femdom mistress so they wonder what he'll do with a group. They kick him in the balls in class and begin to step all over them. They all wore a great pair of shoes and boots to make sure he learned his lesson and leaves the school with shoe prints all over his body.

When she walks into the training room, the men cringe in fear. They know that Mistress Swetlana will hold them accountable for every infraction of the rule. When she catches a slave with his hand in his pants, she makes him lay on the floor with his hands out. She steps on his hands will her black high heels, loving his agonized moaning. She bears down with all her weight and stands still so that he learns a lesson.

Bambina returns home wearing a cute costume drunk and in need of being sobered up. Emily assists the petite blonde in getting on her knee's, and laying her hands on a weight scale. Emily stands in black stocking's, walking slowly towards Bambinas tiny hands. She puts both feet on Bambinas hands crushing them against the scale. Will Bambina learn her lesson and not drink so much the next time she goes out? Maybe she will enjoy Emily's hand smashing far too much.

Mistress Maeva can not resist a good slave trample with new kickers flat boots. She walks towards her slave and jumps directly on him trampling and crushing his balls under her weight. Her slave lays patiently awaiting the next bit of pain he will soon experience. She jumps from different points of his body crushing him with her boots, stomping on his face and choking him without showing an ounce of pity.

Isabel and Bambina begin to play a painfully sexy game of red gloves. Bambina stands with her tiny hands pressed on the counter awaiting Isabel's hard stomping. Isabel begins a slow stride towards Bambina's laid out hands. As she slowly walks towards Bambina the anticipation rises. Once she finally reaches her petite hands she stomps violently on Bambina's small fingers assisting her in experiencing all the pain and pleasure that red gloves has to offer.

Hot blonde mistress Gia Gold crushes and tramples over her slaves hands with her sexy black studded heels. The dominatrix is dressed in all black as she walks heavily over the slaves hands causing him a great deal of pain. The slave gets his hands crushed on both sides by her thick black heels as she casually struts over them. She digs into his flesh with her sharp heels

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