Hand Trampling

Girls trampling on hands

The sexy redhead Mistress Kryska shows no mercy as she stomps all over the helpless slave in the middle of the woods. It is brutal punishment as she tramples on his hands and digs her high heels right into his face. It is high heel trampling at its finest as Mistress Kryska walks over every inch of the slaves body causing him a great deal of pain and much anguish

Mistress Lea boot tramples this poor slave in the woods without any mercy. She violently stomps on every inch of his body with her knee high heel boots. She crushes his hands and his fingers and brutally crushes his stomach, chest and balls. She even steps right on his face with her pointy heels for good measure. Mistress Lea totally domiates this poor slave in the middle of the woods.

This bald man is in for a treat today. His sexy mistresses are all dressed up in black and looking very sexy, but they are going to make their foot slave pay for looking at them in such an erotic fashion. They make him lie down on his stomach and stick out his hands. After that, they begin hand trampling him and making him scream in pain. He can barely take all of the abuse.

This skinny man lies down on the ground when his sexy mistress walks into the room with her long high heeled boots. She uses the sharp point on her boots to ram them into his stomach, punishing him with some extreme trampling. Before you know it, she gets so bored from trampling his stomach, she decides that it is time to start trampling his throat and choking him with her weight.

Check out this hot blonde that has a body to die for. This man is so lucky to be her trampling slave, but he definitely has to pay for it. On a daily basis, he gets humiliated and punished by her. This particular time, she uses her high heel shoes to do some hand trampling. She steps on her slaves hands while he is on the floor and helplessly watches.

This man is down on the ground admiring his sexy mistress in her beautiful stockings. Well, she was tired of him looking at her that way with so much pleasure in his eyes. She wanted to see some pain across his face, so she decided to punish him and step on his hands with her high heel shoes. She absolutely crushes his fingers with her nice black shoes while he whimpers in pain.

This hot babe was getting a cigarette from her back when she noticed her heel slave had his palms flat out on the ground. Of course, being the dominant mistress that she is, she decided to step on the palms of his hands with her extremely sharp high heel shoes. She absolutely crushes his hands with her shoes and then to humiliate him a little bit she ashes in the wound.

This mean blonde mistress is Alissa, and she isn't the least bit shy about hand trampling her slave's waiting hands. This is some hard trampling, it's amazing she doesn't break his fingers while she stomps his hands with her sexy high heels. This is definitely some humiliation for her slave, who's pain is palpable on his face. This is some premium hand crush action that shouldn't be missed.

You haven't seen rough hand trampling until you have seen today's mistress, who goes by the name of Cold Angel. This is some premium high heel trampling and hand crushing that shouldn't be missed. Her slave has a huge pain threshold, because he doesn't beg her to stop her brutal punishment. Her heels dig deep into his hands as he lies on the floor, his trampling session nearly complete.

Lovely brunette haired Mistress Katja and her boyfriend, takes this loser guy to the garden by the pool and ties him up. Mistress Katja's boyfriend sits back and watches her trample all over this tied up guy, leaving him crying begging her to please stop! But this naughty Mistress isn't done teaching this loser a lesson! She even goes as far as to sit on his face with her nice round ass!

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