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Girls trampling on hands

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Madame Marissa was angry when she learned that this guy had forgotten yet again what they had agreed on. It was important but he kept on forgetting and she felt that he did not care. She was not going to let him go on that way and so she chose to hand trample him and when he asked why, she told him to forget that she had done that to him.

Madame Marissa found out that this gym trainer was a fake one who liked to take advantage of women to sleep with them. She was not going to allow that to happen to other women and to her and so she hand trampled him as well as threatened to call him out if he did not quit and never did that again. He agreed after she hand trampled him painfully.

Lady Nataly needed to hand crush this guy to punish him as she did not like what he had done. She had told him not to do it and that there would be consequences if he did it. But he did not listen to her and it was now time for him to get the consequences. That involved him being hand trampled with high heels and needless to say, he regretted it.

Madame Marissa wanted to inflict a lot of pain on this loser and she did so using her hand trampling fetish. She used her high heels to torture and humiliate him in a way that she had never done before. The mistress did not care about what he felt and she used her heels to trample his fingers one by one and it was very excruciating for the poor guy.

Mistress Jessica is a pretty understanding person. But even for her, her slave had outdone himself in how forgetful he was. The mistress did not like it and she felt that something had to be done. She had to punish him and the best way for her to do it then was to use her boots. So she hand trampled him painfully with her boots and he did his best to stop being forgetful.

Goddess Agma likes to use the element of shock to dominate as well as humiliate guys. That is what she was up to today as she used her hand trampling to dominate this guy she felt deserved to be punished and tortured for trying to con her. She also trampled him with her boots besides whipping him on his bottom. He never tried to con anyone again as he knew what would happen.

Madame Marissa wanted her friend to know how to hand trample because the skill came in handy a lot of times. The mistress had the loser who was being used to teach the skill kneel down and then she instructed her friend on what to do and how to do it. The friend loved it and did what she was asked and the mistresses had a great time hand trampling him.

Lady Kimah does not care how old someone is. As long as you piss her off, she will mess you up. That is what she did to this elderly guy when he angered her. She had given him a chance to redeem himself but he did not and for that, he had to face the music. He was hand trampled to the point that he learned never to mess with her.

Madame Marissa and her business partner had an issue with this employee. He was lazy and he did not listen to them. He only did what he wanted and the mistresses were tired of the things he did. They had to punish him nd they did so by cruelly hand trampling him. He could not believe what he was going through but he knew that he could only blame himself.

Lady Noir does not like inconsistency and when she noticed that this guy she was working with was, she had to make him realize that he would mess himself up if he continued being that way with her. The mistress chose to hand trample the guy and ensure he was in a lot of pain and that he was degraded as she did her thing. He never repeated his mistake.

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