Hand Trampling

Girls trampling on hands

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Mistress Krystal was paid to torture this guy and she did it as cruelly as the amount she was paid needed her to do it. She used her sneakers to hand trample him painfully. When she was done with hand trampling him, the mistress got started on the rest of his body and she trampled him as cruelly as she was able to. When she was done, she went away.

Princess Serena came home and she found out that her slave had not cleaned the house. She asked what the issue was but he did not have any excuse for what he had done. The mistress was so pissed at the loser that she used her high heels to trample his hands. Princess Serena made it brutal so that he would never miss doing what she expected him to do.

Mistress Lilly wanted this guy to fondle her better than he had been doing. She wanted him to be skilled at playing with her tits and flicking her bean. She used her wedge shoes to trample his hands. She did it cruelly so that he would learn to be creative. And the next time she gave him the chance, she knew her punishment had worked as his skill was phenomenal.

Madame Marissa has a hand trampling fetish. She wanted her friend to try it out so she brought a loser for both of them to trample for fun. The loser did not know and he did not understand why he was being subjected to such cruelty but he did not have a choice. The mistresses enjoyed hand crushing him together and even combined their weights while doing it by one carrying the other.

Princess Serena wanted this loser to return her stolen items. She had caught him with them and she did not want to make a scene. But he clearly wanted to cause one so she let him go but she tracked him down and when she knew where he lived, she knocked on the door, forced her way when he opened and she used her high heels to hand trample him and teach him never to handle stolen items again.

Mistress Alissa was not going to let this loser get away with the things he had done. She chose to teach him a lesson he had never been taught before so she hand trampled him. He did not expect it but it was more painful than he ever thought possible. She used both her bare feet as well as her high heels to trample his hands and he cried like a little girl.

Madame Marissa was not happy with what she had seen from her slave. She was fed up with him not following her instructions and trying to take advantage of her good nature and her forgiving spirit. She had had enough of him and he had to learn his lesson. So she made it painful by forcing him to place his hands on the floor and hand crushing him with her boots.

This guy made a mistake when he spanked this mistress. He thought he was doing it for fun and he thought she would like it. Other girls liked it when he did it to them and he mistakenly thought this one also would. She did not. She lured him to her house where she crushed his hands using her sneakers, her sandals and her pumps. She let him go knowing he would never spank anyone again without her consent.

When this mistress realized that her slave had a habit of stealing small bills from her wallet, she knew she had to make it stop. He never took a lot of money because he knew she would notice. She kept wondering where her money went but she assumed she had used it without knowing. She caught him doing it today and as punishment, she crushed his hands using her sandals.

Madame Marissa won a bet against this guy and since they had agreed that the winner had ten minutes within which to do whatever he or she wanted to the loser, she had ten minutes which she used to hand trample the guy. She crushed his hands and stomped on him painfully using her sneakers. She laughed as he cried and went on with her punishment till the stipulated time was over.

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