Hand Trampling

Girls trampling on hands

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Madame Marissa loves to settle scores and she did so using her hand trampling fetish. She did not want the issues she had with this guy to continue and that is why she had to come up with a solution for it. The mistress had a great time doing what she wanted and she managed to settle the scores. She loved how easy it was courtesy of hand trampling fetish.

Madame Marissa felt that this loser had been careless and she did not like that about him. She felt that he needed to learn his lesson and that is why she opted to teach him a lesson no one had taught him. He was shocked by what she did to him and it was also very painful. He tried to beg her to stop but she did not listen to him.

This guy was a user and he liked to take advantage of other people and that had to end. Mistress Anna had found out about his behavior and for that, she had to force him to change. She needed a little help with that and that is why she had to ask her friend to help her do it. The two of them hand trampled him and went on to crush his dick and balls too.

Lady Nataly wanted to punish this guy for spanking her. She did not like what he had done and she had to punish him. He did not have the permission to do what he had done and for that he had to be punished. The mistress cruelly used her high heels to trample his hands and make him cry like a baby. He did not see it coming and he was shocked. He nearly peed his pants.

Madame Marissa wanted to scare this guy and she felt that hand trampling would do the trick. That is why she opted to cruelly do it with her boots. He was in pain and he cried as she did her thing. He tried to beg her to stop but she instead laughed at him and went on doing what she was doing to him. He had to learn his lesson.

Lady Scarlet wanted to dominate this guy and she felt that her best bet was to use her high heels to do it. So she used her hand trampling to do it and in no time, she had him lying down and in a lot of pain as she hand trampled him with her high heels. This was done with the help of her friend which made it easier for her. They also had him suck and lick their heels.

Mistress Anfisa wanted to question this guy but he did not want to be questioned. She was not ok with that and she had to punish him until he learned his lesson. The mistress chose to use her hand trampling fetish to do so and the pain he felt as she did so made him learn to answer her whenever she wanted any answers. They never had any issues after that.

Lady Scarlet wanted to hand trample this guy and she felt that the best thing to do in the circumstances was to use her high heels to do it as she wanted him to be in as much pain as possible. That is why she chose to do what she felt was the best thing to do with him and to him. He never messed up again as he did not want a repeat.

Goddess Agma likes to use the element of shock to dominate as well as humiliate guys. That is what she was up to today as she used her hand trampling to dominate this guy she felt deserved to be punished and tortured for trying to con her. She also trampled him with her boots besides whipping him on his bottom. He never tried to con anyone again as he knew what would happen.

Madame Marissa had asked her slave to do some chores but he did not do them and he pissed her off like never before. She was so mad at him that she had to make sure that he learned his lesson the painful way. The mistress made him place his hands on the floor and she crushed them as cruelly as she could for him to know that she was not joking.

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