Hand Trampling

Girls trampling on hands

Lady Angeline just went shopping and got some new sandals that show off her best feature: her powerful and sexy feet. Of course she has to test them out by kicking and stomping on a slave. Her slave is a little worn out from taking so much punishment, so she makes sure to be extra hard on him today and crushes all the tiny bones in his hands, destroying them for good!

Serenza has learned to love the great outdoors over time. Though she started out a city girl, she has learned that it's much better if you bring a slave or a human carpet along. Today she stands out in the forest and kicks some of the dirt off her boots and onto her slave. Then she stands on his hands and crushes his chest with the back part of her heels.

Sonja and Xenia have finally decided to go on a first date after making eyes at each other for ever. For their first outing together they decide to see who can be more brutal to a slave. Xenia starts out by yanking on the chain connected to his neck and standing on his hands while Sonja stands on his back. Then they both sit down and kick him in the face while he licks their boots.

Mistress Maeva is taking a nice little walk outside with her slave, who enjoys spending time with his mistress because she loves to crush him. She crushes his chest first with her high heels, then once he screams out in pain she moves around and smashes the little bones in his hand. She doesn't care as long as he can kneel and lick her boots like she asks. Then she kicks him in the head.

Mistress Madeleine is cruel and demanding to her slaves. She requires absolute obedience no matter what she feels like doing. Today she has chosen to step all over her slave's hand just to make herself feel better. She's wearing giant shoes with a powerful and dangerous back heel which she uses to torture and punish her servant. He screams out in pain but she just keeps on going because she doesn't care.

Cruel Mistress has a fun afternoon planned for one of her favorite slaves. She orders him on the ground so she can slowly crush his hands with her black high heels. Hand crushing is one of her favorite games. It leaves the slave in crucifying pain. To the Mistress it is nothing but a cruel crushing game, but for the slave this kind of pain is no joke. Why is this Mistress so cruel? He did nothing wrong

Sadistic Mistress wants to inflict extreme pain on this dumb slave, he needs to obey her every command. He has no choice but to obey. IF he does not comply he will suffer even more pain. He puts his hand on the floor like she commanded, now the mistress takes aim and crushes his hand with her full body weight. What did this poor slave do to deserve this kind of treatment. He wishes the Mistress showed some mercy, but not today. Today all she is focused on is inflicting extreme pain. How nice of her

This slave does not know what to expect today, his Mistress told him she has got a present. A big surprise, a special day planned for him. He goes to her flat and is ordered to the floor. He sheepishly obeys and watches how the Mistress steps on his hands. She crushes his entire body with her full body weight. The slave is in extreme pain but knows that he can scream as loud as he wants, the mistress wont care. She loves punishing him

Eileen and Milla are two super sexy babe's that love to trample slaves, however this time they are taking their trampling to a whole new level. They are going to walk on the hands of their slave. He is going to have a great deal of pain as both of the sexy babe's walk on his hands. What a total loser slave in pain. He looks so stupid.

Sonja is never shy when it comes to going for the most extreme platform heel she can find. She loves to put on her platform heels with the sharpest point to them and walk all over the top's of her slave's hands. The slave will be in horrible pain from the heels, but she doesn't care. She is so happy to inflict the pain on her slave.

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