Hand Trampling

Girls trampling on hands

Lady Light is not light when it comes to dominating her slaves. As a matter of fact, she is quite brutal. She makes her slave lie on the floor with his arms outstretched. She starts hand trampling him with her sneakers on and walks all over his arms. She loves the feeling of her slave's hands being crushed under the full weight of her tennis shoes and she walks all over his arm.

Annett wants to make sure that her slave does not get away while she is dominating him so she ties his hands together tight. She makes him stretch his hands out on the floor while she tramples them in her high heels. She crushes his hands with her full weight, then takes off her high heels so she can trample his hands with her bare feet. He has to lie there and take it because he is tied up.

Miss Cela goes to extremes when she is dominating her slaves. She makes her slave lie down on the hard kitchen floor while she tramples him with her boots on. She jumps up and down on his entire body with her heavy boots on. She walks all over him like a human carpet and even dominates him with painful facestanding with her full weight crashing down on him repeatedly.

Mistress Catarina likes to be in the great outdoors when she tramples her slaves. She makes her slave lie on the grass in the middle of the woods. She starts giving him a brutal full body tramping with her high heels. She jumps up and down with her full weight, then takes her shoes off so she can humiliate and dominate him with a hard barefoot trampling and painful facestanding.

Cassandra is no stranger to domination. She is a cruel mistress who takes pleasure in the pain of her slaves. This loser lies down at her feet and keeps his hands on the floor as he is told. Cassandra proceeds to trample his hands with her high heels. She tilts her foot back and presses down with her full weight so the spiked high heels can dig into his hand.

Sweetbaby has a fetish for putting her slaves through pain and humiliation. She walks in the room with shorts and sexy sneakers on and orders her slave to lie down on the floor. As he lies on his stomach, she starts hand trampling him with her full weight. She then starts walking all over his arm and destroying it under her full weight and all she does is laugh at his pain.

Lady B spares no expense when it comes to torturing and humiliating her slaves. She got a special, very expensive pair of Hunter boots that are too with big chunky high heels. She makes her slave hold his hands on the floor while she tramples them. She walks back and forth giving him a good hand trampling over and over again as his hands are crushed under her full weight.

Mistress Jana wore some especially heavy high heel, knee high boots for her trampling session with her slave. She makes him lie on his stomach and stretch his hands out in front of him. She starts trampling all over his hands and digging her high heel boots into his flesh. She loves punishing slaves in the most brutal way possible. It is so humiliating and painful to get your hands trampled.

Miss Macha gives her slave a savage full body trampling in her flip flops. He lies on the ground on his stomach while she tramples and jumps up and down on the back of his head and neck. She steps all over his back like a human carpet. He rolls over on his back and she stomps hard all over his stomach with her full weight and dominates him with facestanding.

Lady Svesda is a dominating and cruel mistress who tramples every part of her slave's bodies to make them behave. This time, she orders her loser slave to hold out his hands and place them on the floor in front of him. She humiliates him and brutalizes him by trampling his hands. She stands on his hands with her full weight feeling his knuckles crack under her sexy feet.

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