Hand Trampling

Girls trampling on hands

When she takes a walk, she normally does it in the woods. She takes her slave with her for company but she doesn't allow him to talk to her. When they get o her favorite cove of trees, she orders him to the ground. She enjoys walking and pacing up and down the length of his body. She knows she shouldn't but she does. She listens to his grunting but he knows better than to cry out and disturb her peace.

Mistress Camille allowed her slave to think she didn't know about his transgressions. She didn't yell at him or say anything. After a while, she took him to a gravel pit for a walk. As they walked, she ordered him to lay down. When he was on the gravel, she started to walk all over him in her high heels. She didn't care that he was hurting. As she trampled him, she told him what he was being punished for.

ZaZa can't wear the heels that she is used to so her slave was thoughtful and bought her a new kind. She likes them but she has to get used to them. She takes her slave for a walk and orders him on the ground. She started to step all over him. She learned to trample effectively in her new heels. After that experience, she fell in love with her new shoes.

Mistress Lea, Mistress Kitty and Mistress Maeva humiliate their slave with forced shoelicking, but that is just the beginning of his torture. They start to kick and beat him all over and all three of them give him a painful full body trampling. These cruel mistresses show no mercy even though they are all teaming up on one poor slave. They crush his body under their full weight and make him worship their feet.

Mistress Zaza may be trampling for the first time, but she does it like a pro. She made sure to wear high heels so it would be extra painful. She makes her slave lie at the bottom of some concrete steps while she brutally tramples him and jumps up and down on him with her high heels. She dominates him with cruel facestanding and digs her sharp high heels into his face, body and hands.

Miss Chrystina puts her slave through some savage destruction as she gives him a brutal full body trampling with her sexy overknee boots. She puts him through some extreme full weight trampling jumping high in the air and crashing down on his body over and over. She stands on his head and crushes his face into his pillow then continues to trample him hard and stomp on his loser head.

Sexy blonde Mistress Camille is immediately cruel during her first trampling session. She takes her slave out to the woods so she can trample him into the ground. She dominates him with brutal facestanding and humiliating hand trampling. She stands on him with her full weight and gives him a brutal full body trampling and jumps up and down on him hard with her full weight crashing down on his body repeatedly.

Miss Katarina shows extreme brutality as she gives her slave a full body trampling in her boots. She walks all over him like a human carpet and stands on his face. As if the facestanding wasn't enough, she starts jumping up and down on his stomach and gives him some painful ballbusting with her boots. She crushes his nuts under her full weight and stomps his body hard and repeatedly.

Sexy Mistress Catarina puts on a smoking hot dress and high heels so she can brutally trample her slave in the woods. He lies down on the ground while she gives him a full body trampling in her high heels. She walks all over him crushing him under her full weight and digs the high heels into his flesh up and down his body. She also tramples his hands and face.

Miss Arella gives her slave a savage full body trample in her boots. She walks all over his body with her full weight and even starts standing on his nuts and crushing them under her sexy boots. She steps down and brutalizes him with extreme ballbusting then humiliates him with painful facestanding. She gives him a painful full body trampling like he was a human carpet and ravages his cock.

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