Hand Trampling

Girls trampling on hands

Mistress Maeva can not resist a good slave trample with new kickers flat boots. She walks towards her slave and jumps directly on him trampling and crushing his balls under her weight. Her slave lays patiently awaiting the next bit of pain he will soon experience. She jumps from different points of his body crushing him with her boots, stomping on his face and choking him without showing an ounce of pity.

Isabel and Bambina begin to play a painfully sexy game of red gloves. Bambina stands with her tiny hands pressed on the counter awaiting Isabel's hard stomping. Isabel begins a slow stride towards Bambina's laid out hands. As she slowly walks towards Bambina the anticipation rises. Once she finally reaches her petite hands she stomps violently on Bambina's small fingers assisting her in experiencing all the pain and pleasure that red gloves has to offer.

Hot blonde mistress Gia Gold crushes and tramples over her slaves hands with her sexy black studded heels. The dominatrix is dressed in all black as she walks heavily over the slaves hands causing him a great deal of pain. The slave gets his hands crushed on both sides by her thick black heels as she casually struts over them. She digs into his flesh with her sharp heels

Hot Russian mistress Katja and her friend Emely abuse this slave by tying him up by his arms and neck and straddling him on the floor. The slave tries to get away but is too tired to move after the ladies have wrapped him up. They step on and trample his hands with their high heeled shoes causing him a great deal of pain as he is forced to lie on the floor.

Bbw Sandra tramples on top of this guys hands wit her black beach sandals. The heavy girl has her flip flops on as she walks back and forth across her mans hands. The guys hands get bruised as she stomps on them with his fingers and his bones crushed by the big girl Sandra. Her tick ankles cause a great deal of pressure on the mans hands and they are crushed

Mistress Lea is a sexy mistress that is teaching a new slave a lesson about listening as she takes him and gives him a very brutal trampling. She starts out by stomping on his body with sneakers and her full weight. She then jumps on his balls and smashes them with her full weight. Finally she crushes his hands with her full weight leaving him laying on the floor in pain.

Mistress Sweetbaby is a sexy mistress that is ready to teach her teacher a lesson. She starts out by putting on a pair of boxing gloves and she punches her teacher in the gut several times and finally in his balls. Then she makes him get down on the floor on his hands and knees and she stomps on his hands with her high heel boots until his skin is torn off his hands.

Miss Julia may only be 18, but this Ebony Dominant beauty knows how to crush and trample a man as she kicks, punches with boxing gloves, bust the balls, and then tramples her older submissive male plaything in her ballet shoes. She leaves no inch of flesh untouched as she crushes her slave's head with a face walking dance and steps on his cock and balls as he submits to her power.

When her slaveboy fails to live up to her expectations, something no pathetic man can ever hope to do in any case, the sexy Mistress Katja shows her femdom fury as she tramples his hands with her high heeled boots. Then she removes her shoes and crushes his hands with her sexy bare feet as he remains lying prone on the floor, helpless to stop the pain and abject humiliation.

The very sexy Mistress Madeleine tramples all over this slaves hand with her seductive black high heeled shoes covered in Swarowskis. Her shoes look very elegant on her as she tramples over the slaves hand with the soles of her shoes and digs hard into his hand with her very sharp heel. She leaves his hands marked and reddened as she tramples all over them with the full weight of her body

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