Hand Trampling

Girls trampling on hands

Mistress Krystal was paid to torture this guy and she did it as cruelly as the amount she was paid needed her to do it. She used her sneakers to hand trample him painfully. When she was done with hand trampling him, the mistress got started on the rest of his body and she trampled him as cruelly as she was able to. When she was done, she went away.

When it comes to showing guys what she is all about, this mistress likes to do it with her shoes. And today she killed two birds with one stone as she showed her friend how to torture as well as punished the guy who had angered her. The mistresses hand trampled the guy and made sure he learned what they wanted him to learn. He cried in pain but it was not enough to make them stop.

Madame Marissa is not like other mistresses who like to ballbust and slap losers. She prefers to hand crush and hand trample. For her, that is the best punishment and she does it differently. Sometimes she likes to use her boots, high heels, flat shoes, wedges and even her bare feet to do it. And it also depends on what the slave has done and what mood she is in.

Mistress Zora did not like how unhygienic her new slave was and she had to make sure that changed as quickly as possible. So the mistress used her boots to hand trample him. He was in a lot of pain but she did not care. He had to learn the hard way that hygiene was a must in her house. Needless to say, he became the cleanest slave she had ever had.

Mistress Imane caught this guy doing the exact opposite of what she had instructed him to do and she did not like it. She felt he had to learn never to disobey her so she used her boots to hand trample him. She cruelly punished him and he cried and begged her for mercy but she reminded him that he had brought it all upon himself by ignoring what she had told him.

Madame Marissa wanted to trample this loser's hands because they are the ones that he had used to try and break into her house. She wanted him never to break into anyone's house by the time she was done with him. Madame Marissa did not bother to torture him anywhere else. She only concentrated on his hands and before long, she had accomplished her mission and she let him go.

Princess Serena came home and she found out that her slave had not cleaned the house. She asked what the issue was but he did not have any excuse for what he had done. The mistress was so pissed at the loser that she used her high heels to trample his hands. Princess Serena made it brutal so that he would never miss doing what she expected him to do.

Mistress Lilly wanted this guy to fondle her better than he had been doing. She wanted him to be skilled at playing with her tits and flicking her bean. She used her wedge shoes to trample his hands. She did it cruelly so that he would learn to be creative. And the next time she gave him the chance, she knew her punishment had worked as his skill was phenomenal.

Queen Hanna and mistress Jane found out their new slave was lazy and they did not want anything to do with a lazy slave. He had to be punished so the mistresses did it cruelly using their high heels. They hand trampled and hand crushed him. They also facesat on him and they tortured him a great deal. He promised to work harder than he had been doing before they let him go.

Mistress BlackDiamoond and lady Carmen caught this guy while he was trying to pick their pockets. They used their high heels to trample him since it was his hands which had done it. When the mistresses were done with his hands, they got started on the rest of his body and also inflicted a lot of pain on it. He cried and begged them for mercy but he was not shown any.

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