Hand Trampling

Girls trampling on hands

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ZaZa can't wear the heels that she is used to so her slave was thoughtful and bought her a new kind. She likes them but she has to get used to them. She takes her slave for a walk and orders him on the ground. She started to step all over him. She learned to trample effectively in her new heels. After that experience, she fell in love with her new shoes.

Miss Chrystina puts her slave through some savage destruction as she gives him a brutal full body trampling with her sexy overknee boots. She puts him through some extreme full weight trampling jumping high in the air and crashing down on his body over and over. She stands on his head and crushes his face into his pillow then continues to trample him hard and stomp on his loser head.

This fat, bald, loser slave lies in the floor with his shirt off. Miss Marie walks in with a hot dress on and big wedge shoes. She steps up on him like he was a human carpet and starts giving him a brutal full body trampling. She walks all over him with her full weight and digs the heavy wedge shoes into his flesh all over his entire body. This humiliation amuses her.

Some loser slave lies under this carpet so clueless women can repeatedly crush his hands by trampling them under their shoes. Several clueless women walk all over the carpet that is lumpy because the slave is lying under it. They just ignore him and walk all over the carpet and crush his hands repeatedly under her full weight. This type of humiliation keeps these dominating girls coming back for more.

These 2 hot mistresses show this slave who is boss by humiliating him and putting him through intense pain. He lies on the floor as they put a chair on top of him and humiliate him by kicking and trampling him hard. They stand on his body like it was a human carpet and walk all over him with their full weight.They love double-teaming their slave with pain and humiliation.

Mistress Camille wears some old sneakers outdoors so she can take her slave out in the middle of the woods and trample him. She tramples him for a while to make him feel pain then forces him to worship her feet and sniff her shoes and socks. He just lies there on the ground as she crushes him with trampling under her full weight and makes him worship her pretty feet.

Annett wants to make sure that her slave does not get away while she is dominating him so she ties his hands together tight. She makes him stretch his hands out on the floor while she tramples them in her high heels. She crushes his hands with her full weight, then takes off her high heels so she can trample his hands with her bare feet. He has to lie there and take it because he is tied up.

Miss Macha gives her slave a savage full body trampling in her flip flops. He lies on the ground on his stomach while she tramples and jumps up and down on the back of his head and neck. She steps all over his back like a human carpet. He rolls over on his back and she stomps hard all over his stomach with her full weight and dominates him with facestanding.

This loser was spreading rumours that Lea was her girlfriend and she sought to punish him. She stomped on his body and tortured him with her heels and hand crushed him

Sofia is an amateur dominatrix. And she wanted to be a professional. So she took a slave and trampled the slave on his chest, neck, balls and even on his hands

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