Hand Trampling

Girls trampling on hands

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Lydie and her friend Zaza took this slave to the woods. They love torturing a slave outdoors and they wanted to do it together. They used their heels to hand crush him and stomp on his body

This loser wanted to have sex with this mistress. She was offended and wanted to punish him. So she ordered him to line up his fingers for her to trample and crush them

Camille knows how to inflict pain. She made this guy lie down and then jumped on his body, hand and finger crushed him and even trampled his neck with her shoes

Mistress Lydie takes a nice walk in the woods with her favorite slave. This one is her favorite because he knows how to take a lot of punishment without crying like a bitch like the others. She kicks him in the face, crushes his hands, drives him into the mud and jumps on him with her full weight, punishing him, and he just keeps asking for more. They have a great relationship.

Cassandra has had just about enough of the creeper at work who won't stop touching her. So she lures him back to her place with promises of sex, but little does he know that he's about to become her newest slave. She kicks him down with her powerful legs and then ties him up, except for his hands. She's going to punish those hands by stepping on them with her full weight and her high heels, crushing all the bones.

Lady Angeline just went shopping and got some new sandals that show off her best feature: her powerful and sexy feet. Of course she has to test them out by kicking and stomping on a slave. Her slave is a little worn out from taking so much punishment, so she makes sure to be extra hard on him today and crushes all the tiny bones in his hands, destroying them for good!

Mistress Maeva is taking a nice little walk outside with her slave, who enjoys spending time with his mistress because she loves to crush him. She crushes his chest first with her high heels, then once he screams out in pain she moves around and smashes the little bones in his hand. She doesn't care as long as he can kneel and lick her boots like she asks. Then she kicks him in the head.

Sexy girls Jenna Dee And Cassidy perform a cruel hand trampling on the bare hands of this slave with their sharp black heels. They walk all over the top side of his hands on the floor with their strapped boots causing a great deal of pain for the slave. He sticks his hands out on the floor underneath the full weight of the two sexy girls as they trample his hands.

Skinny girls like to get their hands crushed. Alex, Teodora and Maria find a skinny girl that loves to misbehave. They know that the only reason she acts up is because she wants their attention. So they give it to her. They make her put her hands on the bar and take turns walking all over her hands. She groans and writhes in pain. She can't help but be turned on by the pain and the sexy mistresses that are stepping on her.

Bambina returns home wearing a cute costume drunk and in need of being sobered up. Emily assists the petite blonde in getting on her knee's, and laying her hands on a weight scale. Emily stands in black stocking's, walking slowly towards Bambinas tiny hands. She puts both feet on Bambinas hands crushing them against the scale. Will Bambina learn her lesson and not drink so much the next time she goes out? Maybe she will enjoy Emily's hand smashing far too much.

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