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Mistress Claire loves to humiliate slaves and today she wanted to make it as cruel as she could. She has always been soft on slaves even if she likes to humiliate them. Today she wanted to try something else so she used her boots to trample and crush the slave's fingers and stomped on his stomach and on his back with the same boots. She left him in pain and with red marks on his body.

Madame Marissa was horrified when she learned that her slave was beginning to get used to her punishment methods and as a result, they were not as effective as they were before. So the mistress tried to punish him in a way she had never done before. She made him place his hands on the floor and she used heels to trample him and make him scream like a little girl.

Lady Agatha wanted to show this loser that she was not in the mood to play. She wanted him to know that she was dead serious. He did not take her seriously as he thought that she was joking. So the mistress used her high heels to trample his hands. She crushed them as hard as she could till he cried and begged for mercy. She told him it was too late and he had to face the consequences.

Madame Marissa was tired of telling her slave how to do things. He had been with her long enough and should have known how things are to be done. She felt like he was doing it deliberately so she crushed his hands with her boots to test that theory. She realized he did things better and she knew he must have done them on purpose but now that he knew there was a consequence to his behavior, he did not do it.

Madame Marissa took her slave to the woods. When she saw some fruits she wanted, she realized that they were too far for her to reach. Luckily they found a ladder and she told him to hold it for her. As he held, she stepped on his fingers and his hands because she wanted him to concentrate and make sure she did not fall. If she did fall, he would only have himself to blame.

Madame Marissa does not like slaves who are not obedient. She had to make sure her slave learned that they were not equals. She knew he expected her to punish him after she had given him a tongue lashing. But she did not do it where and how he expected. She took his hands and she crushed them using her boots. She had him place them on the floor and she stomped on them.

This mistress had punished her slave by trampling various parts of his body. But she had never trampled his hands. So she asked him to place his hands on the floor and she crushed them using her boots. She had a great time jumping on them, stomping them and walking on them. The more he cried the more she crushed till he stopped crying. She knew then that he had learned his lesson.

Princess McKenzie is a strict mistress. She noticed that this slave was lazy and she had to punish him. She had to make sure he learned to work hard and the best way she knew to make him do it was to show him the consequences of not working hard. She took his hands and placed them on the floor and she crushed them using her boots till he cried.

With her boots on, madame Marissa was ready to trample and crush her slave. She had given him some work to do and he did it shoddily. The work was so shoddy that she was speechless. She crushed his fingers and his hands because they were the ones doing the work. She stomped and jumped on them and by the time she was done, the slave was crying and begging for mercy promising never to do a shoddy job again.

Madame Madison observed that her slave had itchy fingers and she did not want to tolerate it. She decided to make him change that habit. She punished the hands and fingers for that behavior by crushing them using her boots. She made it extra painful and by the time she was through with him, she knew he would never have itchy fingers again. And he never did since he remembered what befell him.

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